Trump’s Lists of Accomplishment Are Unprecedented

  • Trump appointment of Neil Gorsuch and Trumps nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court will result in the seating of superb jurists who will following the U.S. Constitution as written.
  • Trump has nominated dozens more district court judges who follow the U.S. Constitution as written. 
  • Trump pushed and got the largest personal and corporate tax cuts since Reagan.
  • Trump reduce federal bureaucratic over-regulation by more than a third so far and his efforts continue unabated.
  • Trumps rollbacks of bad Obama era over-regulation of the energy industry resulted in the biggest U.S. energy boom in history.  The U.S. is now the world’s No. 1 energy producer and no longer dependent on OPEC oil.  
  • The Trump administration ended the hated Obamacare mandate.
  • Trump reformed the very bad parts of the  Dodd-Frank laws.
  • Trump got the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord that imposed unequal disadvantages only the U.S.
  • Trump is beefing up the U.S. military strength that is stifling our enemies aggressions around the world. 
  • Trump canceled Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal that facilitated the Iranian’s to nuclear bomb program. 
  • Trump got Kim Jong-un to agree in principle to a de-nuclear Korean peninsula and back to the bargaining table. 
  • Trump got NATO to cough up more money towards their fair share for their defense.
  • One by one, Trump is getting foreign nations to roll back their unequal tariffs against U.S. businesses.

Before Trump could finish his second year of office, his Trump economy is soaring to unprecedented heights as a result of Trump’s ending over-regulation and installing tax cuts. Unemployment is at record lows, including record low unemployment of minorities. It is estimated that there are 6 million more jobs than workers. Thanks you President Trump.