Trump’s Lists of Accomplishment Are Unprecedented

  • Trump appointment of Neil Gorsuch and Trumps nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court will result in the seating of superb jurists who will following the U.S. Constitution as written.
  • Trump has nominated dozens more district court judges who follow the U.S. Constitution as written. 
  • Trump pushed and got the largest personal and corporate tax cuts since Reagan.
  • Trump reduce federal bureaucratic over-regulation by more than a third so far and his efforts continue unabated.
  • Trumps rollbacks of bad Obama era over-regulation of the energy industry resulted in the biggest U.S. energy boom in history.  The U.S. is now the world’s No. 1 energy producer and no longer dependent on OPEC oil.  
  • The Trump administration ended the hated Obamacare mandate.
  • Trump reformed the very bad parts of the  Dodd-Frank laws.
  • Trump got the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord that imposed unequal disadvantages only the U.S.
  • Trump is beefing up the U.S. military strength that is stifling our enemies aggressions around the world. 
  • Trump canceled Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal that facilitated the Iranian’s to nuclear bomb program. 
  • Trump got Kim Jong-un to agree in principle to a de-nuclear Korean peninsula and back to the bargaining table. 
  • Trump got NATO to cough up more money towards their fair share for their defense.
  • One by one, Trump is getting foreign nations to roll back their unequal tariffs against U.S. businesses.

Before Trump could finish his second year of office, his Trump economy is soaring to unprecedented heights as a result of Trump’s ending over-regulation and installing tax cuts. Unemployment is at record lows, including record low unemployment of minorities. It is estimated that there are 6 million more jobs than workers. Thanks you President Trump.  

There’s Too Much Fiction In Life

For years we have chided that George Orwell’s book 1984 was meant to be a warning not an operating manual. It appears to have become just that. It also appears that there is a second great work of fiction that has become our reality. I’ll be more specific.

David Hogg’s wandering tribe of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School children chose Chicago, this weekend, to kick off their “March for Our Lives: Road to Change” national tour. While that sounds a bit reminiscent of the Rolling Stones, the only thing those two have in common is an artificially induced reality. I don’t think we need to be too specific about what induces that in Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

With the wandering tribe, my guess is its money fueled by the likes of George Soros and an ever-increasing sense of self-perceived importance fueled by the ever present media. We know the group had a barbecue somewhere in Chicago when they arrived on Friday. Details beyond that are non-existent. I was hoping for more information as I was curious to know if you bake or barbecue Tide Pods.

Yesterday during the pre-event briefing at the Illinois State Rifle Association’s NRA Day at the Range we were told that group would be dividing into smaller groups all of which would go to different locations where there was firearm related activity. It was not a stretch of the imagination that the ISRA Range would be on the list for no other reason that the sheer size of the gathering.

I relate this because in anticipation of the possibility a busload of these socially deviant miscreants might arrive, the ISRA spent a considerable amount of time and effort to develop an appropriate contingency plan then present it to the sea of workers assembled prior to opening the front gate. I was designated the individual who would meet the group and be their point of contact. You know, the ISRA’s official spokesperson. As a side note, I felt somewhat honored that I would be chosen for that role until someone standing next to me pointed out, “Look at it this way, they had to pick someone they were willing to sacrifice.”

At a press conference held at St. Sabina’s Catholic Church on Chicago’s South Side – seriously, they couldn’t have picked a better place — journalists clumped like turkeys to bask in the glory of the Reverend David Hogg. Hogg told the press the bus tour aims to “promote the largest youth voter turnout ever.” I haven’t a clue where they went after that but you can be sure there were others who spent a lot of time preparing for the possibility these kids would roll up in their bus and do their best to create chaos.

Since when did the most powerful nation in the world begin considering an 18 year old kid with a bloated ego and virtually no knowledge of firearms become the nation’s firearm and Second Amendment expert? The only credit Hogg has on his resume is he was inside a school when an active shooter went on a rampage. He wasn’t even personally harmed.

Now before the Birkenstock Mafia goes berserk over that let me stress I have great sympathy for those kids including David Hogg. No child should ever have to experience such a thing but what area of expertise did David Hogg gain by being in the same building? I suppose you could say he’s an expert at being in the same building and not getting shot but that’s about it.

And yet, he’s on a national tour drawing crowds to hear him speak of which he knows not. He engineered Laura Ingraham losing her show and gotten one or two other talk show hosts off the air because they disagreed with him.

This is an 18 year old child with no knowledge of the firearms industry or the issues at hand yet the Congress of the United States pays attention to him as do key members of the pro-Second Amendment groups. This 18 year old kid is wasting a lot of people’s time and money. What ever happened to children should be seen and not heard?

Which brings me to the point and it is the second work of fiction that has become our reality – Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic Through the Looking Glass. It is a story about an alternate universe where things are exactly the opposite of what they should be. First Orwell and now Carroll; I’m beginning to understand the concept of book burning.

The Unabashed Arrogance of the Gun Control Movement

In a membership update on the situation in Illinois’ capitol, Richard Pearson, the Illinois State Rifle Association’s executive director, outlined what the bills would do. “The Illinois State Police would be given full control over the design and operation of commercial gun ranges in the state.

That control would extend from the design of the bullet backstops to qualifications of range employees and even to the color of the paint on the walls of the men’s room. All semi-automatic firearms would be either banned outright, or be so severely taxed and restricted that ownership would be impractical. Cullerton’s gun ban would extend to all semiautomatic rifles, pistols and shotguns.

Additionally, many pump action rifles and shotguns would be banned as well including the 1911 and M1 Garand.  Of course, all Glocks, Sig-Sauers, and other popular pistols would be banned as well,” Pearson wrote. He also added, there is a “…bizarre and convoluted scheme to register all ‘ammunition feeding devices’ capable of holding more than 10 rounds including magazines, stripper clips, drums, etc.  Since none of these devices possess serial numbers, owners of these devices would essentially register them under the ‘honor system.’  Of course, we all know how well criminals stick to the honor system.”

MidwayUSA round-up contributions pass $1.0M for 2012

Since 1992, we have asked Customers to Round-Up the total of each order and donate the change to the NRA/ILA National Endowment for the Protection of the 2nd Amendment.

The NRA/ILA doesn’t spend your money – they only spend the interest from it – so the Endowment continues to grow each year. For the first time ever, MidwayUSA Customer Round-Up contributions topped $1 million in a single year, the highest amount ever donated by MidwayUSA customers.

In the month of November alone, Customer contributions totaled over $100,000, the most that has ever been collected in a single month – two incredible records! “Brenda and I never dreamed the NRA Round-Up Program would become as successful as it has today,” said Larry Potterfield, MidwayUSA’s president.

“We are so grateful for our Customers and what they have done to help support the Round-Up Program and the Second Amendment!” The Total Round-Up to date is $9,279,329.37 which also reflects other shooting industry companies that have chosen to embrace the NRA Round-Up Program.